Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letters From A Son - WWII Letters from Jimmie A. Prime - December 10, 1943

Link to a PDF of the original letter:

Dear Mom

We just found out today that our mail went out for the first time today so that is the reason you have not gotten any mail from me. You should, however, receive two letters before this one.

It is one o'clock Friday afternoon now. It has been raining here since early Thursday evening.

We took our G.C.T. test and half a dozen others yesterday (Thurs.). I think I did as well as anyone. It took us all day and I got a terrible headache what with a bad head cold anyway. I am much better today however.

I have a watch to stand tonight from 02400 until 0200 in other words 12:00 till 2:00. You know me, the luckiest guy in the world. ha!ha!

Well, its 2:05 now we just stencilled our names on, ???? sea bags, blankets etc.

Tell Ralph and Nancy hello and tell them I will write to them soon.

The C.P.O. just walked in so I must close now.


P.S. Tell any one you see I know hello for me. Tell them to write. J.P.


  1. These are wonderful to read, and to begin to understand what it must have felt like as a 17 year old during this time. Thank you, Patti!

  2. What you've done here is fascinating. Everyone should know about it. As an author I have to ask. Have you considered putting the letters in a book, perhaps a novel and writing a story around it?

    1. Mark, thank you for leaving a comment. I have been forced to put this project on hold due to my father's illness. I have not considered putting the letters into a book. Since I have a bit of time, maybe I will consider that option. Thank you again for the kind comments. Patti

  3. I just found you blog through Geneabloggers. I love reading letter from solders during wartime. You get a certain feel when reading. them.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

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