Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letters From A Son - WWII Letters from Jimmie A. Prime - December 7, 1943

Link to a PDF of the original letter:

Dear Mom:

As you can tell by the post mark I am in San Diego. We arrived here Monday night at about 014-45 navy time or 7:45 civilian time.

There are 180 men in our company. 54 aare from L.A. area. The rest are from the south. Most of us are volentary enlisters but a few are drafters.

We got our uniforms today and boy we had all the stuff we could carry.

We got another phisical and one vacination, two shots and one G.I. hairlift.

I haven't much time so I guess I'll close.

Love to all
Jim (over)

P.S. The food is excellant, all you can eat of the best.

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