Sunday, March 1, 2009

Isn't this Frank, too?

Left to Right: Ben Prime, Hurley Frank Canon holding Jimmie Prime

Wedding Picture

Left to Right:
Elmer Campbell Prime (b: 23 Sep 1892, Arapahoe, Furnas, Nebraska, USA; d: 19 Sep 1943, Torrance, Los Angeles, California, USA)
Frankie Joy Root (b: 24 Apr 1895, Murray, Cass, Nebraska, USA; 01 Jun 1968, Seal Beach, Orange, California, USA)
m: 28 Sep 1920, location and details?

Campbell Sister?

One of the Campbell sisters, I am pretty sure. My guess is Lucy. Need help here, No ID on the picture. Check out the wonderful detail in the background!

House in Arapahoe, Nebraska

We need help with the identification on this one! We believe this is George Allen Prime with the Campbell sisters next to the house in Arapahoe, Furnas, Nebraska, USA.

Nebraska House

House in Arapahoe, Furnas, Nebraska where Elmer Campbell Prime was born. By extention, the house where Ellen Campbell Prime, his natural mother, died 28 Sep 1892, five days after childbirth.

Nap Time!

Guy Ezra Dickinson
b: 10 Jun 1886, Eight Mile Grove, Cass, Nebraska, USA
d: 17 Dec 1970, Seal Beach, Orange, California, USA
Rob says: I love this one!

Primes & Campbell

Left to Right:
Ada A. Prime McGovern (sister of George Allen Prime) (b: Dec 1869, Ames, Story, Iowa, USA; d: July 1932, Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA)
Lucy L. Campbell Prime (b: 25 Aug 1866, Nebraska, USA; d: 12 Feb 1963, Orange, California, USA)
George Allen Prime (b: 20 Apr 1862, Ames, Story, Iowa, USA; d: 18 Nov 1953, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA)