Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamboree 2011 - Sunday Sessions

We had a slow, but enjoyable, morning on Sunday. We had to pack and check out by 11:00, so we kind of got things together and then went down to the cafe for breakfast. After eating we returned to the room, finished packing up, called to have our bags stored, and checked out. Then we went to the exhibit hall, something neither of us had had time to fit in up until then. After that, we hit two sessions.

Advanced Photo Detecting by Maureen Taylor: I have heard her speak before and wanted to make sure I got into one of her sessions this year. Maureen Taylor does amazing things with old photos! It is so interesting to hear her talk about cases she has worked on, and points to help us figure out who is in all of those old photos many of us have with no names on them.

Migration Routes of our Ancestors by Leland K. Meitzler: Our question, so how did those Prime brothers get to Indiana by 1820? Leland talk, quickly, about all the different routes, where they were (and are), and when they started being used. It was enough information for a three house talk, done in one hour! My head was spinning! But it made me want to figure it out even more than before!

After this session we decided it was time to head for home. We reviewed, planned, and analyzed all the way home. It was a wonderful conference and we are already anticipating next year's Jamboree. Great job, Southern California Genealogical Society!

Jamboree 2011 - Saturday Sessions

After staying up way later than we should have, talking, exploring with our new knowledge, planning...Too fun!...we were up early on Saturday in order to get to our breakfast and presentation on 21st Century Marketing for Genealogy Societies by Thomas MacEntee.

They Became Americans by Lou Szucs FUGA: All about naturalization and where to find the records. It amazes me every time I hear that there was a time in our country when women lost their citizenship if they married a man who was not a citizen!

Find Them Fast by Anne Mitchell: Great speaker! I really enjoyed listening to her speak! Although the session was about using the search at Ancestry to find ancestors, her message was really about telling their story! Loved it!

But It Ain't Really the ORIGINAL Record! by Kory Meyerink, AG, FUGA: Primary vs secondary sources! Holey, moley! It all gets so complicated! This is an area I need to keep working on!

Finding your English/Welsh Ancestors by Margo McKinstry, AG: A lot of our ancestors came from England. Unfortunately, they came too early for this information to be of much use. Parish records are where it is at for us!

The dinner banquet tonight was good and included Curt Witcher as our speaker. His presentation, The High Tech and High Touch of 21st Century Genealogy, was focused on encouraging us to embrace today's technology.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jamboree 2011 - Friday Sessions

Friday was a full day of sessions and learning! Very fun! Not too crowded, but I know that there will be more people here tomorrow, so I am enjoying the elbow room today. I believe I heard someone say that there were 1700 pre-registered for the conference.

Genealogy Society Development Workshop (Made up of three sessions and speakers)

  • The Shape of the 21st Century Genealogical Society by George Morgan: I have been absorbing anything having to do with Society growth recently and this was a continuation of that. Much of what was discussed I had come across in my research, however, it was good to hear it again, with comments and examples. Of course, much of it was focused on technology and how to use it to the benefit of the Society. This was a great way to start the conference!

  • But...It's My Family!by Cath Madden Trindle: Lots of wonderful information on copyright laws as it pertains to genealogists and societies. Not really what I am looking for right now, but very important to re-visit, but for myself and for the GSOR.

  • Program! Program! Git yer Program! by Jana Sloan Broglin: The focus here was on providing a good programs for the Society. The ins and outs of meetings, speakers, seminars, etc. The presenter gave a good list of resources for finding speakers as well as important information about contracts. I am also impressed by the focus on the need for advertising the Society! I know that this is an area we really need to work on!

Prostitution in the Wild West by Jana Sloan Broglin, CG: Okay, this one was just because it sounded fun and interesting! No, I have no reason to believe it applies to us, but...

Using Veterans' Censuses and Lists by Leland K. Meitzler: As usual, Mr. Meitzler's enthusiasm for his topic was infectious! He provided lots of resources for finding veterans, from the Revolutionary War through the present. He showed examples of each record type, what information is included, and where to find the records. The comment was made that we are seeing a huge increase of digitized records recently and, therefore, the list of resources is only a start. Continuing to check to see what is available is crucial.

U.S. Agricultural Census Schedules by George G. Morgan: Genealogists use census records all the time. But many of us don't use them to their full benefit. And we sure don't us the Agricultural Schedules as often as we should! This session was focused on where to find them, what is on them, and why we should pursue them.

We finished the day at the banquet. The food was good, the company was good, and we enjoyed the speaker, Tony Burroughs.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jamboree 2011 - We Have Arrived!

We have arrived in Burbank for the 2011 Jamboree! We are in our room, looking out the window, watching all of the attendees come through the doors. We can pick up our registration packets at 6:00 PM. There have been a few sessions today, mostly focused on writing about your family history (Writers Workshop). This evening there is a Kids Camp. I may have to go down and take a look at that one!


Jamboree 2011 - Anticipation!

We, Rob and I, are so excited! We are leaving soon for Burbank, CA and the Jamboree 2011, the biggest and best genealogy conference on the west coast!

More reports to follow!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Deaths

Some of this information is sourced in my files, and some is not. If you see any errors, or know of any additions, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!

June 1

Frankie Joy Root, daughter of Charles Franklin Root and Nancy Merriam Wood, was born on April 24, 1895 in Murray, Cass, Nebraska. she died on June 01, 1968 in Seal Beach, Orange, California. She married Elmer Campbell Prime on September 28, 1920.

June 4

Thomas Gabrial Prime, son of Israel Day Prime and Mary Furniss, was born on March 03, 1883 in Bronx, Bronx, New York. He died on June 04, 1967 in Bergenfield, Bergen, New Jersey. He married Margaret Roth Ogden.

Mehetable Scott, daughter of John Scott and Mehitable Todd, was born in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. She died on June 04, 1845 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. She married Daniel Noyse Prime on September 03, 1815 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

June 5

Martha Ann Carr, daughter of James Carr and Elizabeth Ann Townsend, was born on September 13, 1839 in Indiana. She died on June 05, 1916 in Iowa or possibly Nebraska. She married John Thomas Prime on September 20, 1860 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana.

June 8

Emily Frances Prime, daughter of Nathaniel Prime and Cornelia Sands, was born on December 25, 1798 in New York City, Bronx, New York. She died on June 08, 1804 in New York City, Bronx, New York.

June 14

Samantha Belle Prime, daughter of George Smtih Prime and Ann Elizabeth Anderson, was born on September 05, 1859 in Story, Iowa. She died on June 14, 1954 in Palo Alto, Alameda, California. She married William Butler Whitney on August 31, 1887 in Furnas, Nebraska.

June 16

Frank Vernon Prime, son of William F. Prime and Cora W. Rohr, was born on October 30, 1889 in Beaver City, Furnas, Nebraska. He died on June 16, 1955 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. He married Eva P. Bellington

Thomas Prime, son of Mark Prime and Jane Lambert, was born on may 16, 1710 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He died on June 16, 1757 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Boardman on January 24, 1747 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.

June 18

Fred Albert Donner, son of Frederick George Donner and Gladys McGovern, was born on August 16, 1925 in Denver, Denver, Colorado. He died on June 18, 2004 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. He married Marceline Jean McCray on July 30, 1960 in Seattle, King, Washington.

William Hoffman Prime, son of Edward Prime and Charlotte Hoffman, was born on March 01, 1837 in New York City, Bronx, New York. He died on June 18, 1881 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. He married Anne Rhodes on January 13, 1879 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas.

June 21

John Lambert, son of Nathan Lambert Jr. and Abigail Prime, in Massachusetts. He died on June 21, 1821 in Massachusetts. He married Sarah Bradstreet.

Maria Angeline Prime, daughter of John Prime and Rebecca Hutto, was born on October 21, 1837 in Johnson, Indiana. She died on June 21, 1924 in Turlock, Merced, California. She married John Coleman Russell on December 30, 1857 in Webster City, Hamilton, Iowa.

June 22

Bridget Hammond, daughter of Nathaniel Hammond and Bridget Harris, was born on April 13, 1727 in Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died on June 22, 1794 in Sutton, Worchester, Massachusetts. She married Joshua Prime on June 18, 1752. she married Nathaniel Carriel on December 29, 1772 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

June 26

Thomas Prime, son of Thomas Prime and Mary Nelson, was born on November 01, 1782 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He died on June 26, 1848 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He married Hannah Stevens on May 02, 1812 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.

June 28

Gilbert Nathaniel Prime, son of Isaac Nathaniel Prime and Alma Ida Draper, was born on January 07, 1899 in Edison, Furnas, Nebraska. He died on June 28, 1963 in Polk, Oregon.

June Marriages

Some of this information is sourced in my files, and some is not. If you see any errors, or know of any additions, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!

June 02

James Mark Prime, son of John Thomas Prime and Martha Ann Carr, married Pauline E. Eychaner, daughter of Andrew James Eychaner and Anna Beck, on June 02, 1908 in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida.

June 03

Nathaniel Prime, son of Joshua Prime and Bridget Hammond, married Cornelia Sands, daughter of Comfort Sands, on June 03, 1797 probably in New York.

June 08

Earl Girch, son of Gottleib Girch and Hattie Brent, married Grace E. Prime, daughter of John Thomas Prime and Pearl Bailey, on June 08, 1902 in Furnas, Nebraska.

June 09

Gerard H. Coster, son of John G. Coster, married Matilda Prime, daughter of Nathaniel Prime and Cornelia Sands, on June 09, 1831 in New York City, Bronx, New York.

June 10

Earl E. Prime, son of John Thomas Prime and Pearl Bailey, married Vernice Zike, daughter of William Allen Zike and Flora Virginia Hill, on June 10, 1900 in Edison, Furnas, Nebraska.

June 11

William Massena Benjamin, son of Samuel Nicoll Benjamin, married Charlotte Hoffman Prime, daughter of William Hoffman Prime and Anne Rhodes, on June 11, 1903.

June 18

Joshua Prime, son of Samuel Prime and Sarah Jewett, married Bridget Hammond, daughter of Nathaniel Hammond and Bridget Harris, on June 18, 1752 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

June 20

Glenn Hazard Browning, son of Albert Hazard Browning and Mary Ruth Sutliffe, married Ruth Jordan, daughter of Clayton Prime Jordan and Mary Lucia Hitchings, on June 20 1922 in Mount Vernon, Black Hawk, Iowa.

June 22

Frederick Prime, son of Frederick Prime and Lydia Hare, married Laurette De Toussard Coxe, daughter of Alfred Coxe and Laurette De Toussard Stocker, on June 22, 1871 in New York City, Bronx, New York.

June 25

James Stewart married Sarah Prime, daughter of Samuel Prime and Sarah Platts, on June 25, 1733 probably in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

June 30

Ben Root Prime, son of Elmer Campbell Prime and Frankie Joy Root, married Della Allene Littrell, daughter of Henry Ernest Littrell and Vesta Eunice Thompson, on June 30, 1946.

June Birthdays

Some of this information is sourced in my files, and some is not. If you see any errors, or know of any additions, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!

June 6

Margaret E. Prime, daughter of Thomas Gabrial Prime and Margaret Ruth Ogden, was born on June 06, 1908. She died on June 30 2004 in Madison, Maine. She married William J. Farley on Oct 05, 1930 in Bergenfield, New York.

June 15

Timothy Everett Pittenger, son of Nicholas Earl Pittenger and Mary Margaret Feeney, was born on June 15, 1983 in Hennepin, Minnesota.

June 21

Rebecca Yvonne Prime, daughter of Barry Dean Prime and Kristine Annette Spies, was born on June 21, 1983 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

June 22

Britini Lee Ackerman, daughter of Lloyd Marvin Ackerman and Brenda Lee Pirkl, was born on June 22, 1987 in Denver, Denver, Colorado.