Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamboree 2011 - Sunday Sessions

We had a slow, but enjoyable, morning on Sunday. We had to pack and check out by 11:00, so we kind of got things together and then went down to the cafe for breakfast. After eating we returned to the room, finished packing up, called to have our bags stored, and checked out. Then we went to the exhibit hall, something neither of us had had time to fit in up until then. After that, we hit two sessions.

Advanced Photo Detecting by Maureen Taylor: I have heard her speak before and wanted to make sure I got into one of her sessions this year. Maureen Taylor does amazing things with old photos! It is so interesting to hear her talk about cases she has worked on, and points to help us figure out who is in all of those old photos many of us have with no names on them.

Migration Routes of our Ancestors by Leland K. Meitzler: Our question, so how did those Prime brothers get to Indiana by 1820? Leland talk, quickly, about all the different routes, where they were (and are), and when they started being used. It was enough information for a three house talk, done in one hour! My head was spinning! But it made me want to figure it out even more than before!

After this session we decided it was time to head for home. We reviewed, planned, and analyzed all the way home. It was a wonderful conference and we are already anticipating next year's Jamboree. Great job, Southern California Genealogical Society!


  1. yeah we all know..IRA went PED!

  2. Thanks for your comments on Jamboree sessions. I wasn't able to attend but am looking forward to listening to the recordings of the sessions!