Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letters From A Son - WWII Letters from Jimmie A. Prime - December 8, 1943

Link to a PDF of the original letter:

Dear Mom

This is the most amazing thing I have every experienced. Our company is made up of 17 year old kids like Stuart and I and of men 38 to 45 years old. We are considered equal to them in every respect.

We are beginning to learn to march now. We must also know the semaphore alphabet by Friday plus the eleven rules for guards on duty.

Our C.P.O. just informed us that we have a test to take tomorrow of some sort.

We have only been here three days and already we are getting tan and beginning to look like old salts.

Stuart is here beside me writing a letter to his dad.

Well I have to line up for chow now so this is all for now.


P.S. Please share this with Aunt Hope and all the rest as we haven't much time. I will try to write to them soon. J.P.

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