Friday, February 20, 2009

Charles Franklin & Nancy (Wood) Root

Charles Franklin Root
b: 6 Jun 1867 in Newaygo, Michigan, USA
d: 21 April 1938 in Willow Brook, Orange, California, USA
Nancy Merriam Wood
b: 12 July 1857 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry, Iowa, USA
d: 1933 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois, USA


  1. Robyn says:
    Thank you, Uncle Ralph. We do show that Charles Franklin Root died at Willow Brook, Orange County, California on April 21, 1938. That would fit, I think. You would have been 10 years old - right? Attached is a later picture of Charles Franklin with his wife, Nancy Merriam Wood. Does this help confirm you memory. This is the only picture we've seen, so far, of them as a couple, and it is really a cute one.

    Nancy was 10 years older than Charles Franklin (Frank), and we think she was the mother of Earnest Ray Deakin (Uncle Ray). We have not yet been able to document this. I do have a lead on his descendants in Colorado, and am going to try to get more information.

    Keep those flashbacks coming, folks. I am saving these emails, and attaching them to the database, as appropriate.

  2. Ralph Prime says:
    Thanks Rob, At least we know he was in So. Cal. I guess I just figured when Aunt Hope told me he had died and he slept in the roll-out bed, that he died in that bed. The more I think about it, the more certain I am that I met him at Aunt Hope's at an earlier visit. But, the mind plays tricks. In any case, I am really happy to have knowledge of my grandpa on the Root side. Mary Ellen says he was a really handsome dude. I agree.